In the Cut: Tailoring Tips for Hemming Suit Pants


In the coming weeks we’re going to be discussing great tailoring tips you can use to make sure your menswear shines. This week, we’re discussing three options you should weigh when it comes to hemming your pant legs.

What is hemming?

Hemming is adjusting the length of the pant leg so it comes up to a specific length from a man’s foot. Many times when you buy a suit you will be asked how you want to hem the pants. And most men (at least the first few times they’re asked) don’t really have a clear idea of what they’re picking between.

What are my options?

There are three types of hems you can normally get. One option is that your pants stop just above your ankles, exposing the greatest amount of your sock when standing. A second choice is that the pants are just touching your shoes, and a final possibility is the full break, where your pants will drape on your shoes and look slightly rumpled. There are a few degrees of difference between these three, but in general, these are the styles you’ll be picking from.

Are there any good guidelines to which is the best?

“Best” is subjective, but “most versatile” may be what you’re really looking for. There are different uses for each. The third option, the “full break”, is generally for the least formal setting, as anything rumpled gives off a more casual look. The first choice can still look very formal, but depending on how your body is built, could also look odd.

In general, if you’re unsure how to decide, you should definitely pick the middle option, which gives you the most coverage both standing and sitting (option one exposes much of your legs and you could find yourself constantly pulling your socks up).

In you’re in need of a new hem, Karako Suits can tailor your pants easily. Next time, we’ll talk about some basic tips for better tailoring a suit jacket to your body.

Originally published at on December 2, 2016.