Which One?: Finding The Best Tie For The Occasion


One of the most important accessories for any suit is the tie. With the variety of lengths, widths, colors, and textures, it can be confusing which one to chose. Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade to make sure you’re always wearing the right tie to the right occasion, and we’re here to give them to you.

The Casual:
For work, after-work cocktails, casual religious services

When it comes to wearing a tie to work or to a religious service, the best approach is to stand out, but not too much. Stick with colors and patterns that are appropriate for sitting behind the desk, or an unexpected meeting with the head of the company. A great navy plaid will pair with a variety of colors and will always make you look put together.

As for the after work look, almost all bets are off. Grab a bold color that will catch eyes from across the room. A skinny tie will also bring a modern flair to your look. (A skinny tie would also be appropriate for work, but we suggest a nice tie-stay to keep the look together.)

The Semi-Formal:

For business meetings & conferences, cocktail parties, most weddings or religious events
Chances are you’re going to be wearing a dress shirt and a suit to these occasions, so upping your tie game is a must. If this is a business occasion, keep the colors toned down and focus on the texture of the tie. A slick, tonal black tie will give a rich look to a grey or navy suit.

As for the semi-formal celebrations as long as you’re wearing a dress pants, dress shirt, a jacket, and a tie, you’re semi-formal. This means your tie can showcase a little more of your personality. A lively color, or a bold pattern will always get noticed (for the right reasons.) Also, feel free to get a little fun with a casual patterned bow tie.

The Formal:

You might think this is the easiest category, but it’s also the category with the most to lose. Let’s break down the types of formal events you’ll need a tie for.

  • Black Tie: For a black tie event, the best way to go is to keep it simple with a beautiful black tuxedo and a crisp white shirt. Like the name says, you can’t go wrong with a black, silk tie. (Long ties are fine, but we think the bow tie keeps it classier.) If the invitation is labeled “Black Tie Optional,” you have a bit more leeway when it comes to color and pattern, but we still suggest keeping a darker-toned color palette.
  • White Tie: This is as formal as it gets, which leaves very little room for interpretation. Coattails, white vests, starched formal shirts with waistcoat, and gloves are all a must-do. The tuxedo can be black, but the tie is ALWAYS a white bow tie on a detachable collar.

What If You’re Not Sure?

Did you get an invitation to an event and you’re not sure how to dress? First things first. Look at the context clues. Does the invitation look formal? (Thick paper, calligraphic writing?) If yes, cocktail attire is probably the most appropriate. The invitation should always state if the event is “Black Tie” or “White Tie.” And if all else fails, give the party host(s) a call and ask them.

If you’re going to a once-in-a-lifetime event and need a dressier upgrade, look to Karako Suits for tux rentals so good, they’ll look custom made!

Have an event coming up that you need a tie for? Give Karako Suits a call for advice and every ties at a great price!

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Why Light Neutrals Are About To Be Your New Obsession


Neutral pieces have been an open-secret in the men’s fashion world for generations. Billed as the “anchors” of a wardrobe, they are usually used to tone down the more colorful pieces of your wardrobe. But neutrals are so much more than that. Today, we’re going to teach the art of layering your neutrals from street wear to the boardroom.

The Neutral Rules

Dressing tone-on-tone isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it doesn’t have to be scary. You can up your neutral game with just a few little tricks:

  • Play with Pattern and Texture: If you’re going with a flat-front white pant, add a thicker sweater, or a great camel overcoat to offset the cleanness of the pant. Different textures will give a different dimension with each piece that maybe wouldn’t be seen individually.
  • Mix It Up: Adding dressier pieces with more casual makes the look more refined and will work for any casual-mid casual situation you might be in. For instance, pairing a Sage & Brown sport jacket with tailored dark-brown pants, and a great white button down works great for the office and after-work drinks.
  • Play With Volume: Pairing wider sweater and jacket with slimmer jeans or pants brings a playfulness to the overall look, while still being 2018 chic. Just remember, when playing with volume, tailoring is the difference between a put-together look, and a sloppy mess,
  • Don’t Forget The Shoes: Stay with shoes in the same hue as your outfit, and no more than a couple shades away from your darkest color. For example: If your palette consists sandy beige tones, stick with shoes that are in that hue, and no more than a few shades darker. The wrong shoes will turn the look into a disaster, no matter how many rules you follow.

The Weekend Look

Whoever told you grey and brown don’t mix hasn’t been keeping up. A heather grey pant with a beautiful cognac leather jacket make getting ready for Saturday drinks a breeze. Add a rich, white crew neck to the mix and it’s a hit. Match with shoes of a similar cognac color, or for an even more casual look, grab a pair of white trainers, or white canvas loafers.

Office Casual Chic

Just because it’s casual, doesn’t mean it has to be drab. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of tailored tan dress pants, a pressed button down, and a sport jacket. If you’re sticking with a easy light color, think about adding pattern and texture in your sport jacket. (A brown, striped wool might do the trick!) When it comes down to it, the greatest thing you can do for your office look is wrinkle-free atire that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Suit It Up

Just about anyone can pull off a suit, but it takes a confident man to pull of shades of taupe in a suit. A tailored, slim-fit light tan or taupe suit is more versatile than you might think. Keep it simple and elegant by pairing with a lightly-starched white button down and brown belt and shoes. We suggest using a brown with golden undertones. For a little flair, add a herringbone or plaid vest in neutral tones, or a beautiful mustard or sage-toned tie. We’re almost certain no one will be wearing the same thing, and we also know you’ll be the best dressed in the room.

Going out of your black and navy comfort zone can be a little daunting, but the people at Karako are here to help guide you. Call us, email us, or stop by today!

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Finding Your Flair in Men’s Fashion


When you watched the Fall/Winter 2017 menswear fashions, you undeniably saw the hottest trend happening — embellishment! That’s right. Color, pattern, and a little bling aren’t just for womenswear anymore. These additions to any outfit help reflect your personality and complete your unique style. Need a little help getting started? Karako has you covered.

Whimsy Your Way
Chances are you’re not looking for an embroidered suit, or a full 90’s nostalgia throw-back look, but you are looking to showcase your colorful side. So, use just that — COLOR! Get noticed by pairing your tailored suit with a bright and bold patterned shirt. You’ll look put together, professional, without compromising your style. Need just a little hint of flair? This is where your tie and pocket square become your best friends. Choosing colors and patterns that stand out against any neutral palette will make you and your suit pop! (Think a punch of blue and pink in the pocket of a slim-fit navy wool jacket. Now we’re talking!)

Accessories, Thy Name Is Style
Just as women use necklaces and bracelets to accentuate an outfit, you should be accentuating your suit. You already know the first step — a great tie and pocket square — but, for that little extra kick, a lapel pin will stand out in the right way. And never underestimate the power of a great pair of cufflinks! They are literally jewelry for your shirt. You might be fine without them, but once you see the added distinction they bring to your final look, you’ll wonder why you don’t wear them all the time. Keep them subtle for a more refined look, or use pattern and “bling” for a little extra style push.

Socks: The Open Secret
Some occasions dictate the absence of outward flair, but who says your feet can’t have a little fun? For a modern-cut pant, your hemline should just slightly brush the top of your shoe, with no breaks, but when you’re sitting or standing with a lean, your hemline will rise and reveal your little hit of personality. When it comes to socks don’t be afraid to truly break free. If you’re looking for a little show without too much noise? Chose a sock that compliments a detail in your suit, with a simple pattern and a coordinating color.

Remember the greatest accessory you can have is confidence in what you’re wearing, the rest is just details! Karako Suits is here to coordinate your style no matter how bright or how bold!

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Why You Need At Least One Patterned Suit


Driving the speed limit. Going to the doctor. Waiting for your coffee to cool down before you drink it. Doing all of these things in life will keep you safe. Safe can be great and safe can be comfortable. But, wouldn’t it be nice to step out of the safety zone for a change? Start small, and start with a new suit — a patterned suit! While patterns can send some guys running for the menswear hills, we’ll show you just how unscary (and flattering) patterns can be.

The Pinstripes: Just Getting Your Feet Wet

For those that are still wary of a pattern, a classic pinstripe suit is the best way to venture into patterns. The great thing about vertical pinstripes is the way they create a slimming a sleek look to your suit. It can be worn by someone of any height or build. One thing to be aware of is the size of the pinstripe. For a more formal look, go for a thin stripe. If you want something a little bolder, a thicker stripe will work, but try to keep it as monochromatic (think tone-on-tone) as possible to avoid the “clown on stilts” look.

Choose from navy, black, and charcoal.

The Plaids: Not Just For Hipsters Anymore

The great thing about plaid is that it is sort of a “catch-all” term meaning intersecting lines. Plaids are probably the most versatile pattern in menswear, so generally speaking, there’s a plaid for everyone. Plaids can be a great, eye-catching look that will take you from office to after-work drinks without looking too stuffy at either occasion.

When wearing plaids, it’s best to find patterns that fit your body shape. Large prints can often make you look larger if you’re not. The cut of the suit is very important to keep that sleek and sophisticated look. And when pairing your tie, a little texture (like a knit, or even a tone-on-tone Herringbone) will bring more dimension to your look, without making you look to clashy.

The Herringbones: You’ll Know it When You See It

Even if you never knew the name of this pattern, it is one of the most traditional and recognizable suit patterns out there. The Herringbone is made up of zig-zagged chevron patterns. Usually the pattern is small and understated, which makes it the ideal pattern to pair with, well, anything. Herringbone usually shines in a grey or navy palette, but more recent colors such as a dessert sand and warm brown tones make are giving this classic pattern a delightfully modern twist.

No matter the color, when you walk into a business meeting in a tailored Herringbone suit, you’re letting everyone know who the executive really is.

If you’re looking for a little flair in your next suit, come to Karako Suits where your style and quality meet.

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How Your Shoes Can Make (Or Break) Your Look


When you think about your look from head to toe, you see nice tailoring, clean lines, and bad shoes? Yikes, did that take the wind out of your sails? That’s just how important shoes are to a look. Just like with suits, trends come and go. So, what are you doing wrong with your current footwear, and how do you make it right?

You’re Wearing An Oddly Shaped Shoe

Square cuts are good for diamonds, and table, but not so much for shoes. A square toe box will give your foot a flipper-like appearance, even with the nicest tailored pants. The other no-go shape is a pointed toe. A pointed toe will not only make your feet look HUGE, but they’ll look huge and clownish. So, unless clownish is what you’re doing for, stay away.

What styles should you be going for? A rounded or chisel toe is a flattering and comfortable fit for any sized foot. A plus is it shows you’re on trend, and ready to go from day to night

You’ve Picked the Wrong Color for Your Suit

All neutrals are not created equal. There are just certain colors you should never cross. If you’re going lean with your shoes, the three main colors to stick with would be black, brown or tan, and a burgundy. From there, use your best judgment on what color suit they will pair best with. If in doubt, take a look online for great color collaborations that fit with what you own.

Mixing Leather Colors

Okay, so maybe this one has more to do with your belt selection than with your shoes. If you’re wearing a belt (and you SHOULD be wearing a belt), the color should match your shoes. Black with black, brown with brown, tan/beige with tan/beige. A mismatch in color will show sloppiness and a general lack of caring. As far as matching goes leather colors go, it can stop at the belt and shoes. When you try to match your watch, gloves, briefcase, etc., you could come off as stuffy and unapproachable.

Clunky and Dirty

Clunky went away with the 70’s, and unlike some trends, we don’t see this one coming back anytime soon. Stick with a slender heel with no platform. Also, don’t forget to take the time to do a quick shine on your shoes. Matte or gloss finish, a great look can be ruined with noticeable scuff and dirt.

Need a little shoe guidance? Visit Karako Suits today for great quality at unbeatable prices.

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What to Wear When You Propose


There are a few events in your life where you remember exactly what you’re wearing. The day you propose to your future spouse is one of them. The excitement and the nervousness all rolled into one cumulative moment is something you never forget. And your outfit will be apart of the ever-told proposal story. So, what should you wear for one of the most important days of your life? Well, it depends on the proposal, but we have a few ideas!

The Traditional Together Proposal
If you’re hoping for a private, just the two of you type of event, what better time than this to spring for the tuxedo! If you’re unsure what color to go with, remember that black is always a great option. For a softer look, go for the charcoal grey. Charcoal is every bit as elegant as black, without being as stark. The best part of already owning a tuxedo is you already have your wedding attire! If you choose to wear a tie during the proposal, maybe go for a bow tie for the ceremony for some variety.

The Five-Star Restaurant Proposal
Long before the maître d’ brings an engagement ring backed into a cake, your future bride will see what you’re wearing. For 95% of these restaurants, a black suit will make it a bit obvious that this is more than just a nice dinner. We suggest you stick with a nice navy suit, or a nice solid grey. These choices show that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into what you’ll look like. And if you can think about it, try to use her favorite color as a little pop in your tie, or accented in your shirt.

The Beach Vacation Proposal
You’re at the beach, taking in the sand and sun and loving every minute of it. You’re probably thinking how there couldn’t be a worse time you wear a suit, but you would be (mostly) wrong! We would agree that a full suit might be a little overkill, but a great pair of slacks or dark-wash denim jeans with a light colored sport jacket show that you’re conscious of the setting, but still want to look polished. Just remember, relaxed does not mean wrinkled. Spring to have your clothes pressed when you get to your resort. That extra touch will be worth it when you see the pictures.

The Scavenger Hunt Proposal
The one thing you need to remember about this proposal is to be comfortable. If you’re traveling with your future fiance, stay away from the slim fit styles. Keep it tailored, yet relaxed. If you’re meeting at the end make it modern and make it different. You’ve already proved that you can be unique and memorable. Make a statement with a great burgundy wool suit. Not only will your fiance be thrilled with all the hard work you put in for the proposal, but she’ll love your new, confident look.

Have you found your forever soulmate? Visit Karako Suits and talk to one of our representatives.

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Getting a Suit For Your Little Guy


We dedicate a lot of time talking about how to pick the perfect suit for yourself. And while most of the time that’s who you’ll be looking for, some of you who are a bit older may be interested in getting suits for your little guys. Maybe they have to go to a wedding or another special occasion. What do you do when your little guy needs a suit?

1. You’re Looking for an Off-The-Rack Fit

While you want your little guy to look good, at the end of the day, this is a suit that will (most likely) be grown out of pretty quickly. You’re likely to only get a year of use out of it depending on the age of your kid, so it’s best to find something that fits well off the rack with only the minorest of alterations. This isn’t the easiest solution, but it saves you money and the aggravation of buying a suit that will immediately go out.

2. Alternatively, Go for a Vest

A vest paired with a great set of slacks can look just as good as a full suit, and depending on the age of the boy you’re buying for, they may be able to get more use out of it. Vests can just as easily be worn to churches and upscale functions like a wedding, with the added benefit of being a smaller expense if you’re worried about him growing out of the suit too quickly.

3. Make Sure to Get Several Shirts

We say this all the time for adult men, but this applies to the soon-to-be-adult men as well. Several nice dress shirts can go further that many other accessories, particularly when you’re young and not really expected to have a fitted suit yet. These are one of the better “formal” buys you can make for someone still growing, as minus the possibility of extreme weight gain, a large dress shirt should be wearable for at least a year or two before it needs to be replaced.

All that said, if you come to Karako Suits, you’ll easily be able to find a suit that fits your little boy. We have sizes ranging from slim to husky and 8–20. We carry big designer names found in all department stores, but it’s our tailoring can help make the difference in a suit that looks great on your child. And lastly, we also rent tuxedos for that really special occasion for boys too.

Bottom Line: If you need a suit for the little guy in your life, come to Karako Suits.

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