How Your Shoes Can Make (Or Break) Your Look


When you think about your look from head to toe, you see nice tailoring, clean lines, and bad shoes? Yikes, did that take the wind out of your sails? That’s just how important shoes are to a look. Just like with suits, trends come and go. So, what are you doing wrong with your current footwear, and how do you make it right?

You’re Wearing An Oddly Shaped Shoe

Square cuts are good for diamonds, and table, but not so much for shoes. A square toe box will give your foot a flipper-like appearance, even with the nicest tailored pants. The other no-go shape is a pointed toe. A pointed toe will not only make your feet look HUGE, but they’ll look huge and clownish. So, unless clownish is what you’re doing for, stay away.

What styles should you be going for? A rounded or chisel toe is a flattering and comfortable fit for any sized foot. A plus is it shows you’re on trend, and ready to go from day to night

You’ve Picked the Wrong Color for Your Suit

All neutrals are not created equal. There are just certain colors you should never cross. If you’re going lean with your shoes, the three main colors to stick with would be black, brown or tan, and a burgundy. From there, use your best judgment on what color suit they will pair best with. If in doubt, take a look online for great color collaborations that fit with what you own.

Mixing Leather Colors

Okay, so maybe this one has more to do with your belt selection than with your shoes. If you’re wearing a belt (and you SHOULD be wearing a belt), the color should match your shoes. Black with black, brown with brown, tan/beige with tan/beige. A mismatch in color will show sloppiness and a general lack of caring. As far as matching goes leather colors go, it can stop at the belt and shoes. When you try to match your watch, gloves, briefcase, etc., you could come off as stuffy and unapproachable.

Clunky and Dirty

Clunky went away with the 70’s, and unlike some trends, we don’t see this one coming back anytime soon. Stick with a slender heel with no platform. Also, don’t forget to take the time to do a quick shine on your shoes. Matte or gloss finish, a great look can be ruined with noticeable scuff and dirt.

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Originally published at on August 30, 2017.


Taking Care of Your Dress Shoes


Last week we discussed some tips on how to keep your suit in prime condition over a long period of time. However, we didn’t take the time to talk about dress shoes, which are an important part of your wardrobe, and can wear away quickly without proper upkeep (particularly if you wear them to work a lot).

Here are some tips for keeping your shoes classy:

1. Always Keep Them Polished

Always have some shoe polish on hand. Nothing immediately ruins the look of your dress shoes like not having them properly shined. This is part of the magic of dress shoes, and it’s one of the easiest ways to take an oft-worn pair and make them look brand new again. There are several online tutorials for how to properly shine your shoes, and it’s a quick process that helps preserve the look for a much longer period of time.

2. Learn How to Properly Dry Them

At some point, you will be caught out in the rain wearing expensive shoes–it happens. But what you do after they’ve gotten wet will greatly impact how much longer they last. Take them home, stuff them with newspaper (to soak up the water), and keep them away from direct heat, which can crack the leather and wrinkle portions of your shoe. In the future, you can also get your shoes rain-proofed, which lasts for around 6 months.

3. Maintain Their Shape

First things first–don’t keep them stored in the shoebox they came in. Overtime, the humidity can wear down the leather much faster than if they were kept on a shoe rack. To really maintain the shoes however, you should look at buying cedar shoe trees. We know, you may have seen your father using these (and they may seem old-fashioned) but they work. They help your shoe keep its natural shape, and the wood helps absorb moisture and odors (perfect for men with sweaty feet). It’s a simple step that can add months to all of your dress shoes, even if you wear them every day.

Those are some simple tips for keeping your dress shoes in top condition. If you need a new pair, check out the selection at Karako Suits and use these tips to maintain them longer.

Originally published at on February 14, 2017.